Marketing Flash Mobs

Make Your Mark(eting) a
Big Hit!

You want to create a WOW experience that engages people and has them talking about it long after the live performance or seeing the video. Big Hit Events doesn’t just provide entertainers, we specialize in uncovering the needs that correlate to your larger marketing campaign and desired positioning with your target audience – bringing your vision to life with joy, surprise, and professionalism.

Contact Big Hit Events to let us bring energy and attention to the events that count the most. By providing an engaging experience, you’re activating your audience’s attention and creating a sensation that will spread beyond those in attendance.

  • Marketing and Promotion – Show off your company or product with enthusiasm!
  • Company Anniversary – You’ve made it far; we can create a surprise for (or incorporate) your employees and their families, or vendors to celebrate!
  • Customer/Community Appreciation – Give back to those who have supported you with their money, time, and trust.
  • Brand Ambassadors – Our performers can learn your talking points to introduce your brand to the public.

Our flash mobs will help your brand build true awareness, affinity, and recall through a spectacular event experience.  

The event specialists at Big Hit have worked with every type of client–from small businesses and Fortune 100 clients–to create spectacular marketing events that draw crowds, get recorded, and go viral. Our past clients include: Miller/Coors, JP Morgan Chase, Deloitte, AstraZeneca, Lockheed Martin, Hilton, H&R Block, Tag Heuer, Related Companies, Ameriprise, MSG/Cablevision, Redbox, and Readers Digest.

Client Testimonials

“We thought it was a big hit! (no pun 🙂 The team did a great job! The fun and great vibe was definitely impressionable!
– Lisa Earl-Sperry, Strategy + Style, New York, NY

Our Services

Our team will work with your event planners and marketing coordinators to make sure that your event stands out and engages your desired audience.

Our services include:

  • Creative direction, project management, and coordination with all parties to ensure each step is as desired.
  • Original choreography, casting, rehearsal, and performance
  • Customizing of audio track.
  • Dancers dressed in street clothes, waiter attire (black or white tops with black pants), or branded attire.
  • Professional videography, video treatment, editing, and output for various audiences and media

Contact us via the form on the right or call us at 866-926-9223 to start planning a flash mob for your occasion!