Marriage Proposal Flash Mob!

You’ve been together a while. You know it’s the right time. Maybe they’ve been dropping hints – some subtle, some direct requests – “If you’re make your proposal a surprise, it better be with a flash mob.”

Whether or not they know a proposal is coming, they won’t know what’s actually coming. This is your chance to be playful, unexpected, and to shine.

If you want to surprise that special someone, we can make that happen. They’ll never forget the excitement of a proposal flash mob.

How do you put on a proposal flash mob?

When the moment comes, you shouldn’t be worrying about logistics. We’ll take care of everything and make sure you’re having fun, look amazing, and are feeling confident. You’ll get to enjoy the mob (maybe even jump in) and make your partner feel special.

We have the experience to help create the mood and experience you’re looking for.

That special song–maybe it’s from the first concert you went to; or something that always energizes you.

That perfect location–where you first met? First kissed? Someplace you always go (or always wanted to)?

That unique moment–when you can’t wait to ask, “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?”

We’ll make all that happen for you!

Our services include:

    • Creative direction, project management, and coordination to ensure each step is as desired.
    • Original choreography, casting, rehearsal, and performance.
    • Online training video so you, your friends, and family can participate as well!
    • Customizing of audio track.
    • Dancers dressed in street clothes, or waiter attire (black or white tops with black pants).
    • Videography to capture the moment! (Have you checked our our YouTube channel with over 2 million views?)

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ

Client Testimonials and Video

Let me just extend my gratitude on behalf of myself and my fiancee Diana. You guys delivered a professional and fun event that we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives. From the music, the timing, the dancing, petals, the dog, and guidance with timing and working with the other park performers, the execution was better than I could have imagined. You guys were responsive and professional. I am so glad I went with your team. Big Hit Events rocks!

— Gregorio Mendez Jr, NY

We can even record it for you and post it to YouTube for you to share with family and friends!